#01 Photoshoot/After Wedding

A little break just for you in your day. We see your photo session as a relaxed, casual walk. We like to photograph you the way you are. Also we bring some music with us so that you can totally feel free.


#02 Getting Ready

Many of our couples ask us in advance if it's worth photographing and filming the Getting Ready. YES! In this exciting part of the day often very emotional moments with the loved ones happen. The bride can experience again what has happened to the groom and the other way round. It's definitely worth it!


#03 Ceremony

Whether a free wedding ceremony, a civil or church wedding.

During the ceremony, part of the most beautiful moments arise with friends and family.

We often refer to ourselves as hunters of emotions.


#04 Bridesmaids & Groomsmen

Have fun on your own wedding day with your closest friends. The uniform look and the smiling faces are the most beautiful of these group pictures.