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Your Weddingfilm

It's movie time! Take a look on Wedding films and get inspired for your own wedding!

4-6 minutes

The length of your video depends on the duration we are booked.


We always have our drone with us. So you can see your day from above.


In addition to the appropriate music title, we also include the original sound in the video. In 50 years from now you can hear what you said to each other.

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Carrie & Alan
Destinationwedding Crete

Carrie & Alan_232.jpg

Carrie & Alan
Destinationwedding Crete

Leslie & Chris_2.jpg

Leslie & Chris

Schloss von Hammerstein

Liri & Ingo_3.jpg

Liri & Ingo
Beach wedding 
Baltic sea

Rebekka & Kevin
Boho wedding

Civil Wedding
Rittergut von Holle

Rebekka & Kevin

Winter shooting in the Harz Mountains

Anja & Jonathan

After-Wedding Shooting in the rain

Smedra & Markus
 Proposal at the lake