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How nice that you're here!

We are Steffen and Christin from Hanover (Germany), our home when we are not traveling.

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We are happily married since May 2016 and have been self-employed as wedding photographers for several years. Steffen filmed his first wedding in 2006, turned his passion into a profession in 2011 and brought Christin on board in 2014. Through our own wedding we were able to experience what is really important for your photos and films.

But not only weddings have conquered our hearts, but also good food, golden evenings in summer, good coffee, our beloved stand-up paddle and the community with great people.

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New York



Structure and creativity in one person. Responsible for the greening of the office and interior design loving. Besides geography, he has a weakness for skyscrapers and admirable architecture. Also science fiction thrillers and Greek food. At the age of three he knew almost every car brand. Leaves distinctive catchy tunes. Rarely cuts his finger but more often videos. Has an eye for detail. It's Steffen.

 Mostly with a smile on her face. Imaginative, entertaining - the one whose voice you mostly hear on the phone. She has a weakness for beautiful outfits, cars and travel. Loves photography, meeting people, surf skating, cafes and the sea. Also a family person, often looking for good playlists, Ligretto professional and bookworm.

That is Christin. 





What is particularly important to us is that your pictures and your film reflect who you really are. We attach great importance to authenticity and  also value an elegant style and timeless processing. We are people who celebrate life and love to make fun of ourselves. What sets us apart is a relaxed, easy-going and uncomplicated manner. At weddings, we stay in the background as much as possible, but at the same time mix with the guests, capturing authentic moments and emotions. 

You are welcome to contact us and ask your questions or just say "hello", we look forward to meeting you!